Objectives: "The prime objectives of EUROTRACK are to promote the development of model railways amongst its members and to the general public; take part in cultural, social and economic exchanges of interest to its members and to develop understanding, friendship and mutual respect between individual members of the associations so as to encourage international understanding".

The word “AMETIA” in the Logo means Frendship.


A short history: "EUROTRACK developed out of the twinning at first between the SMRG of Southampton with AMHA of Le Havre in February 1986 and then AsMoCo of Aywaille, Liège, in October 1986. In 1987, we became associated with RMC of Caen and following the EUROTRACK '88 exhibition, the association was formed. The early years of the association are detailed in an article in the February 1991 edition of "Continental Modeller". In 1994, AsMoCo left the association. Nowadays 12 Clubs from 8 countries have joined EUROTRACK. Every year one of the clubs organised a show, where all the members in participating with modules. These modules compare with each other, so that one big lay-out is formed. Sometimes even two shows were held.

EUROTRACK 2008 took place on 19 & 20 April 2008 at Verona in Italy. The 20th anniversary was also celebrated in Verona.

This year, EUROTRACK 2011 was held October 26-30 in Vienna (A)-. Next year EUROTRACK 2012 will be held in Coutances (F) on October 13-14


History of EUROTRACK events:


Current EUROTRACK members are:

Other club and societies have expressed an interest and regular contacts occurs between clubs all over Europe.

Ex. Romania, Spanien, Tjechie, e.o.

Update:  3 jul. 2014